I am the type of girl who loves the hunt for unique, one-of-a-kind items whenever I have the need for something in my home or I want to add a new staple to my wardrobe. I’ve spent hours roaming estate sales and an ungodly amount of time scanning the aisles of vintage warehouses. You’ll find me at farmers market’s and craft fairs with my arms full of someone’s mom’s homemade salsa and more than a few pieces of handmade jewelry.

It’s really no secret that I’m a big fan of Etsy. I even had my own vintage shop on the site for a few months before I realized going to the post office every. single. day. was just not what I wanted to be doing with my time. Of course, It’s still my favorite place to shop online and I am always sending my clients links to my favorite Etsy shops when they are looking for unique, custom items for their wedding.

One thing you’ll want to be truly unique is, of course, your wedding ring and your engagement ring. I mean, it’s the one thing you’ll be wearing everyday for the rest of your life! Big box jewelry stores can be soulless, unoriginal, and extremely expensive. Buying a handmade ring is something you can be proud of and you’ll want to show it off forever. I’ve put together a list my favorite Etsy wedding rings. These are not just your typical diamond rings! I’m showing you unique alternative rings with precious stones that will give you all the heart eyes. Let’s put a ring on it!

Opal Wedding Rings

Without diving too much into the mythology of the Opal, it’s said to bring good luck because it holds the colors of every gem stone. Most opals today come from mines in Southern Australia. When looking into the stone and turning it in the light, it really does make you wonder how this stone could possibly occur naturally. The opal is the October birthstone, but something this beautiful should be celebrated all year long!


Based out of Los Angeles, Minkara focuses on minimalist design and subtle shapes to create unique rings for an effortless look. Check out their beautiful online shop for some truly awesome rings. They have a few different Opal rings, but I’m in love with this Milky Australian Opal ring.

Sunday Island Sweden

These chic beauties come out of a studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. Sunday Island Sweden creates rings that are elegant and dripping with sophistication. They have many styles with a mix of diamonds and precious stones. My pick is this opal and diamond ring.

Charlie & Marcelle

Studio City, CA shop, Charlie & Marcelle bring positivity and love to all of their magical ring designs. I just pour over their creative, dare I say, Bohemian designs. They have many opal designs and my favorite is the Past, Present, Future Opal Ring.

Black Wedding Rings

When I first heard about black wedding rings I had to stop and immediately google. I didn’t even know black stone rings were a thing until recently. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous they are. There are some truly amazing designers on Etsy who make art with these moody stones.

Henry Rocky

First of all, bonus points for coolest name in the ring business. Henry Rocky has an eye for craftsmanship and design. They seem to really shine when combining multiple gemstones (including diamonds) into their work. With several black wedding rings, this Black Quartz Ring is my favorite.

Point No Point Studio

Julie Allen of Point No Point Studio is a wedding ring master. When I came across her work I was really in awe of the detail and craftsmanship of her pieces. Then I found out she is a fellow Pacific Northwesterner (is that a word?). All of her rings are made of recycled materials, are conflict-free, and they are eco-friendly. I’m sold. There are so many amazing pieces in her collection, and I recommend you do yourself a favor and spend sometime pursuing her Etsy Shop. This stunning celestial ring is my pick.

Dawn Vertrees Jewelry

If your a lover of natural beauty and things untamed, you’ll really fall in love with the designs of Dawn Vertrees. Every piece is hand sculpted in her studio in North Carolina. I just love the raw black diamonds nestled in the golden twigs. This black wedding ring is so unique!

Simple Wedding Rings

You know those thin minimalist stacking rings you love? Did you know wedding ring designers are bringing this concept into their high-end designs? It’s true! If you’re not into showcasing a giant rock on you finger, here are some perfect options for those who loves subtle elegance.

Shine Gold

Shine Gold specializes in delicate rings for everyone in love. They have a wide variety of styles and stones to choose from, and I really loved this simple diamond cluster wedding ring.


Nooi is based in Venice, Italy and all of their rings are made in their studio by hand. Just like Venice, their designs are very elegant, opulent, and simple. Visiting their Etsy shop will give you many more options for simple wedding rings. I adore this simple diamond ring.


New York-Based Envero creates gorgeous elegant rings of all kinds. I love their stacking rings, meant to be collected throughout your life as you and your love cross over life’s milestones. Start with this simple and lovely band.

Pearl Wedding Rings

I know that most of us hear “pearls” and think of our grandma or the Queen of England, and it’s because pearls were all the rage back in the 40’s and 50’s. However, pearls are making a comeback! They are the diamonds of the sea and they are incredibly beautiful (and incredibly rare.)
You’ll want to get acquainted with the different types of pearls on the market and search accordingly. Natural pearls are the most rare and carry with them a hefty price. If you want the pearl look for a fraction of the price, look for cultured and freshwater pearls. These are mostly grown in oyster farms in china and Japan. Okay, now Let’s find some pearls to clutch!

Florence Handmade

Based in sunny Sydney, Australia, Florence Handmade creates high-end signature stacking designs. Each ring is made to order and most designs can be customized. Their designs are non-traditional, yet timeless. Check out this beautiful gold and pearl wedding ring.

Michellia Fine Jewelry

Michellia Fine Jewelry is based in Bellevue, Washington, just outside of Seattle. Their designs are inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles from the Edwardian and Victorian eras. I could see flapper girls rocking these rings back in the 1920’s at a Great Gatsby style party. The Aisha Pearl Wedding Ring is lovely.


Cappucinne is a major designer and they have a huge variety of styles. Each ring is made to order and handmade in Slovenia. They have many pearl wedding rings and this teardrop design in my favorite.

Ruby Wedding Rings

Rubies may not be the obvious choice for a wedding ring but they are becoming more popular because the gem represents love and passion. Rubies were a symbol of opulence and royalty back in the day, and don’t you deserve to feel like a royal? Modern designers have given you some excellent choices when it comes to searching for a ruby wedding ring.


Arpelc is a poland-based jewelry studio that specializes in natural, earth-mined gemstones. Their designs are minimalistic, handmade, non-traditional rings. I love this gorgeous stacked ruby wedding ring.

Eden Garden

Eden Garden Jewelry is based in Valencia, Spain. Their designs are full of opulent details and remind me of the ornamental buildings you’ll find in Europe. I love this ruby wedding ring that is set in a beautiful leaf design.

Kyklos Jewelry

From their studio in Greece, Kyklos Jewelry has dazzling designs with big bold gemstones. Each piece is handmade and of the highest quality. This stacked ruby and diamond ring is beautiful.

If you liked these unique rings, I’m sure you’ll love seeing Etsy’s Editors Picks as well!

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Are Opal rings expensive?

In general they are less expensive than traditional diamond rings. The darker the opal the more rare and thus the higher the price point can be.

Do rubies look better in white or yellow gold?

For a more classic look, find a ruby cast in yellow gold. If you want a more modern look go with a lighter white gold.

Is if safe to buy a wedding ring on etsy?

Etsy has a wonderful reputation and sellers are rated by a 5 start system. By choosing a reputable seller you can find many high quality rings. Ring prices vary depending on materials and quality, so it’s possible to find a ring for every budget on Etsy.