Booking Your Wedding

I’ve laid out my booking process from start to finish so you’ll know what to expect throughout the whole experience. What happens before you book, communication leading up to the wedding day, and what you’ll get when all is said and done. It’s simple and straight forward, so let’s do this!


How do we know you’re right for us?

I take a relaxed approach when capturing your wedding day. I like to keep things personal and as stress-free as possible. I’m here to give you honest and beautiful photographs that document the day as it unfolds naturally.

I look for the genuine emotions and interesting light everywhere I go. I’ll give you a bit of direction when shooting portraits, but nothing overly posed or unnatural. I want you to see yourselves in these photos. If this sounds like your type of vibe we are probably a good fit!

What do we receive after the wedding?

Within 6 weeks after the wedding day, you’ll receive a personalized online gallery of high-res images. You will have the ability to share, download, and print any image you’d like.

I also include a print release with each gallery. This way you can print directly from the gallery or you can take your images to a third party printer. All images printed via the gallery are sent to a professional lab and guaranteed to be high quality and color correct.

Do you also shoot engagements, portraits, elopements?

Yes! I recommend booking an engagement session before the wedding day if possible. It’s a great way to get to know each other and get a bit of practice in front of the camera.

I also shoot many elopements and portrait sessions. For special inquiries just write me an e-mail and I can provide you with a custom quote.

We are getting married outside of Portland. What are your travel fees?

For weddings within an hours drive from Portland, I do not charge travel fees. If you are celebrating farther away my rates vary based on the amount of travel.

By car $0.50/mile outside of Portland.

By Plane - Roundtrip airfare from PDX to the nearest airport to your wedding venue.

Rental car if necessary.

Two nights of hotel accommodation (the night before the wedding and the night after)

Contact me for a custom travel quote.

Can we meet up in person and chat?

Absolutely! I love meeting face to face whenever possible. We can meet up and discuss wedding things over your beverage of choice anywhere in Portland. If we can’t do that a Skype or phone call is the next best thing!

Can we order prints from you?

A variety of print sizes and finishes are available via the online gallery. You can even order customized albums, calendars, and thank you cards as well. All prints and products are handled by a professional lab and shipped directly to your door.

We are camera shy! What should we do with our hands?

I know how you feel! But not to worry! I like to make friends with your friends and get everyone feeling comfortable right from the start. When it comes time for a few portraits at the end of the day we'll take a walk somewhere nice where you'll both be relaxed, having a good time, and unable to take a bad photo! I will give you a bit of direction and have you standing in some pretty light. easy.

How do we plan for our portrait session on the wedding day?

It’s best to plan on setting aside about 15-20 minutes around sunset to capture a few portraits of just the two of you. In the summer months, this can be just after dinner or during the reception. We can chat about when the sun will set on your wedding day and write that into your timeline.

Can you help us with our timeline?

Yes! I’ve been to many, many weddings and I’m happy to throw in my two cents about how to plan a timeline that allows for the best photos.

Do we need to provide a shot list?

Apart from family photos I don’t typically work off of a shot list. If there is something specific you’d like me to capture that is out of the ordinary I can certainly accomodate any request. Rest assured that I go out of my way to capture all of the thoughtful details and candid moments with your friends and family.

Do you have insurance and backup gear?

Yes and Yes!

I have a full line of back up gear that I bring to every single shoot. If one camera breaks for any reason I can continue shooting with camera number two without missing a beat.

I back up all images immediately upon returning home on two separate hard drives. All images are also uploaded to an offsite cloud server in the rare case of a hard drive failure.

I am fully insured and I am happy to provided proof of insurance upon request.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes please! After hours of shooting, sitting down for a meal really re energizes me. It’s best if I eat at the same time as you. This way I don’t miss anything you have planned after dinner.

Do you believe in same sex marriage?


Do you work with a second shooter?

For most weddings I am confident in shooting solo. But in some cases a second shooter can be very helpful in capturing the wedding day. A second photographer can be added for an additional $500.

What gear do you use?

I work with 2 Canon 5D MIII and a line-up of Canon prime lenses. Usually I'll bring a little film camera along for some analog fun.

We have more questions for you!

Sweet! Send me an e-mail using the contact form at the bottom of the page. I can’t wait to chat with you!