I love family sessions at Mt. Tabor all year-round. The greenery from the pines and rhododendron make for a great backdrop even in winter. Althought the park has many visitors everyday, the park is so expansive that you can always find a secluded area for your photo session. Mt. Tabor is actually an extinct volcano that has been dormat for thousands of years. The summit of Mt. Tabor has incredible views of the city, and on a clear day you can spot the distant peaks of Mt. hood and Mt. St. Helens.

When to schedule your family photoshoot at mt. tabor

Time of day

The best time of day for family photos at Mt. Tabor is Sunrise and Sunset. In the early morning hours the park is very peaceful and the only people you’ll run into is the occasional morning jogger. Sunset is a more popular time for visitors for obvious reasons – it’s gorgeous at sunset and the views are wonderful. I typically like to avoid scheduling family sessions at high-noon because the light can be harsh and I prefer to work in soft, even light.

Day of the week

On Wednesdays, the park is closed to car traffic, which means you will have to find street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Every other day of the week you can park in the middle or upper lot and have more immediate access to the park trails. Weekends can be busy at Mt. Tabor, so choosing a weekday is usually best to avoid crowds. I always look at the Mt. Tabor event calendar to make sure there are no closures or festivals happening during our shoot.

Time of year

My favorite time of year to do family sessions at Mt. Tabor is mid-April through the end of May. The rododendrons and magnolia trees are in full bloom. The flowering trees make the most beautiful backdrop for family photos. The weather can be somewhat unpredictable during the spring months (because, hello, Portland) so I always suggest that we set a “rain date” in case we need to reschedule.

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