Samalayuca, Mexico

I guess you could call this an engagement shoot. At the time these two were, in fact, engaged. But, really this was just a few days before Mel and José’s wedding in the canyons of Creel. We had a few days in Chihuahua before heading to the mountains, so they took us out to the biggest swath of sand dunes I’ve ever seen.

As we drove north out of the city the landscape opened up into a vast desert. The highway stretched in front of us through a series of jagged mountains that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

About 30 miles south of Juarez we finally reached the dunes of Samalayuca. We trudged up and down the steep dunes trying to keep the sand from entering our shoes, socks, and butts. We eventually gave up on keeping any sand at bay when we found an old pizza box and used it in an attempt to “sandboard”. The result was a broken pizza box and faces full of microscopic sand.

Thanks to Mel and José for showing us this unique and beautiful place.



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