Timberline Lodge Wedding

September 24, 2019

I steal a glimpse of Mt. Hood almost everyday from Portland. Usually while stuck in traffic on the I-5 or riding my bike across the St. Johns bridge. I can’t help but take a second glance at it in awe. I sometimes forget that we live next to a string of very active volcanoes, but they’ve just become these common place landmarks that I often take for granted.

As I was driving up to Timberline Lodge on a cloudy and rainy afternoon in August, Mt. Hood was buried somewhere in the fog. I broke through the clouds as I reached the summit and was suddenly bathing in the warm summer sun in the empty parking lot. Katherine and Jeremy, along with their closest family and friends, hiked up through the volcanic tundra at the base of Mt. Hood to exchange some vows and pop some Champagne.

The weather changed every few minutes. Bright sun turned to a misty rain as a passing cloud ran across the face of the mountain. You can see in the ceremony photos the changing light, which is actually my favorite scenario if I’m being honest. While we were taking portraits a white cloud of snow drifted down the mountain toward us and we high-tailed it back to the lodge for warm fires and old fashions.




These are amazing, such a lovely spot so close to Portland.