Hannah + Theo

I captured Hannah and 3-month old Theo in their cozy home on a cold January afternoon. They’ve spent so much time here as a family in the first months with him and it was really special to document them in their space. Theo was smiling and waving his tiny arms and legs around like the happy little guy he is! It was so much fun photographing these two together.

Tips for planning a Portland at home newborn session

Find the Best light

Which room in your house has the biggest windows? Which room gets the most morning or afternoon light? This is the place we want to be during our session! While its great to have a clean and organized home, lighting is always the most important element. Most of the photos I take focus less on the space and more on you and your family. So don’t fuss too much about making your home look perfect! For these photos I placed mom and baby in front of 3 big windows and directed them to cuddle and play while facing myself and the windows.

Plan outfits in advance

Here I asked mom to choose a neutral-colored knit sweater and a onsie in the same palette to give a cohesive look. Of course you can choose to wear any colors you’d like as long as they compliment one another. I would only plan on making one outfit change max for new babies.

Plan your session around your baby’s schedule

When is your baby generally awake and at their happiest? That’s the best time for our session! Of course things don’t always go to plan but we aim to find that sweet spot and capture photos while everyone is at their best!

What if my baby isn’t a newborn anymore?

Great! Babies are always adorable! You don’t always have to do a session within the first few weeks, and oftentimes it’s just not possible for new parents. Whenever you’re ready – let’s capture those sweet baby photos!

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